4 Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Fresh, Real Food

Even though the change is gradual, people are drifting towards more healthy diets considering the food-health analysis for the last decade. We now include more fresh vegetables and exercises in our daily regime. Once you start eating the right things, it will automatically have a better effect on the mind as well as physical health.

4 Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Fresh, Real Food

When we talk about human health and their food habits- it has been changing, but definitely, it’s better than what it used to be. But what about the Dog Foods? They still have their food from those mysterious bulky packs, without knowing what are the contents and their effects. It’s time we do a check on it!

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Fresh Food

Dog Foods that claim to be ‘all-natural’ and ‘organic’ are not purely natural as they say. Most of these dog foods are processed foods, and won’t have anything beneficial for the dog’s health.

Now you can bring the good puppy and adult dog food for health nutrition by offering them all the goodness of the Home-cooked food. The benefits of serving fresh food to your Dog are given as: 

#1 You will know what you are feeding them

You are making some real fresh food for your pet, and you are better aware of the ingredients in the dog’s bowl. Another important fact to note – it is next to impossible to trust the protein level in the dry dog food. But you can trust the quality of the freshly cut, unaltered, human-grade meat that you just served your pet.

This way, you can simply escape the guessing game and trust the Dog Food.

#2 Improves Digestion

While shopping for the dog food, you might have checked the list of ingredients. I saw that the contents had Vitamins and Proteins, and I approved it. But do you know how much of the total protein content is digestible?

Dog’s body is not suitable for a bulk of ingredients. Go for natural, fresh, home-made dog food which is nutritional, and also keeps the digestion in check.

#3 Better Skin & Shiny Coats 

It is normal to find rashes, or itching problem in dogs, while most of the dog owners blame it on the skin type or the allergies. Freshly made food that is rich in nutrients have high levels of omega 3, 6 and 9 – that improve the quality of the skin and also hydrates them.

#4 Helps with Weight Maintenance

Most of the modern dog meals include a lot of filler contents. Fresh food ensures that the dog gets real protein and keeps it less on the fillers.

It’s the amino acids and the nutrients that help with maintaining a lean muscle, and thus keeping your pet Fit & Happy!