How to Find a Cheap Organic Baby Mattress

A good mattress, especially an organic baby mattress is an expensive proposition. There are stores that offer a discount on an organic crib mattress, but you would need to check and see that you are not being duped. Though Federal Laws and Standards are quite stringent, there are still manufacturers of organic crib mattresses who, in order to keep the cost down circumvent the law.

Discount on organic crib mattresses are sometimes offered by stores selling home products. The organic baby mattress is made from certified cotton. This in itself is expensive. The minute you decide on making organic material as an alternative option to the traditional, you are talking costs. This is because there are no short-cuts to nature’s products.

Cheap Organic Baby Mattress

How to Find a Cheap Organic Baby Mattress

What is created by man may be inexpensive but it is fraught with danger. As more and more the awareness of organic, environmentally products spreads, manufacturers are being forced to get these products. People do not want the traditional material any more. IKEA and ABC homes sometimes keep a cheap organic crib mattress or two.

Natural latex is being used more and more to make cheap organic crib mattresses. Mattresses made of latex are both inexpensive and durable. Latex has antimicrobial properties which automatically make it mite resistant as well as resistant to other allergens. It is mould and mildew resistant as well. The most important thing about latex is that it is 100% bio-degradable. Latex mattresses are long-lasting. They do not need to be turned and retain their firmness.

What a baby needs is a firm mattress which will give the support needed for bones and muscles to grow. Latex mattresses provide all these features. Because they breathe, there is enough air flow and so the temperature is maintained and the baby does not feel hot. Check out great offers online for inexpensive organic crib mattresses. You get a good comparison of all the brands of mattresses available so that you can take a good decision.

Meta efficient and offer good selections of organic crib mattresses that are inexpensive but do not compromise on quality. Healthy child is another must visit site which gives a lot of information on where to get cheap organic baby mattresses. The only thing is that you must be very sure that the product you are buying either from a store or online is authentic. You cannot compromise on anything since this is for your baby.

Make sure that it is firm enough to give growing bones and muscles the support they need. Foam mattresses are made of either polyester or polyether, and are of various thicknesses. In effect what we are talking about here is the density of the mattress.

The density should be 1½ pounds per cubic foot. Since many manufacturers do not mention this, you can do your own checking. What you should be looking for is a dense and supportive mattress. Consult your pediatrician about which thickness would be the best for your baby. The size of the mattress should be such that it snugly fits the crib.

Comparison: Organic Cotton Crib Mattress vs Non Cotton

Organic cotton crib mattresses are made of 100% organically grown cotton. These cotton plants grow in natural soil in which absolutely no chemical fertilizer has been used. Also, no herbicide or pesticide is sprayed on these cotton plants. More and more people are becoming aware of environmentally friendly products and how good they are for both human beings and the environment.

Non cotton on the other hand is synthetic. By its very nature it is harmful to human beings and the increased use of this is what has spoiled the environment. Synthetic material uses a lot of chemicals and chemicals emit toxins. These when inhaled cause untold damage to our systems. Think of what this can do to the virgin system of babies.

Mattresses made of synthetic material can cause irreparable damage to the little ones. They inhale these toxins, and even if the effects are not visible immediately, they lie latent and raise their ugly head later in life. An organic crib mattress is the best gift that you can give your child. This organic cotton crib mattress gives your baby good support for the muscles and bones.

When the baby is born these muscles and bones are very tender and pliable. They have to become strong and supple. The baby spends almost 16 hours sleeping. This is the time when growth takes place. If this sleep is disturbed then the baby suffers a great deal. Mattresses made of synthetic material do not give good firm support to the baby. This is because they are not flat and firm.

When the baby moves or even turns, the mattress should provide firm support, and not sink under the body weight. Organic cotton crib mattresses do not use any chemicals to make them fire resistant. Their natural qualities make them so. Synthetic or non cotton mattresses use chemicals like antimony, phosphorous and arsenic to make them fire resistant. These chemicals emit toxins which the baby inhales.

An organic crib mattress should be such that it is good for the baby in every respect. The organic cotton crib mattress has inner coils which make it firm. This is missing in the non cotton mattresses. Another important consideration is the thickness of the mattress. The ideal thickness is 6 inches. The organic cotton mattress has this thickness.

Non cotton mattresses or synthetic mattresses come in various thicknesses, which can be deceptive. Waterproofing is a feature that has to be thought about. Organic cotton mattresses breathe. This is something that non cotton or synthetic mattresses don’t. Organic mattresses, therefore, have good ventilation whereas sleeping on non cotton mattresses is can become very hot and uncomfortable.

The organic mattresses come with firm border and edge support so that they fit snugly in the crib. The cover of the organic crib mattress is removable and washable, whereas this is not possible in the non cotton mattresses. There is really no comparison between the organic crib mattresses and the non cotton ones. The benefits are spelt out loud and clear, you simply have to make the right choice.